Warrier Films is a media firm based in Bombay. Directors Sajit Warrier and Design Director, Rajni Gadhvi founded it in 2007.

The organization focuses on collaborative design with a distinct conceptual edge. Design with a meaning. The work spans diverse industries from Feature Films, Production, Advertising, Marketing, Network Branding for television, Show Packaging, Promo Design.

Our focus is first to communicate what the client needs. Our approach to work is simply engage, entertain and communicate.

Sajit Warrier:Writer/ Director/ Producer/Special Effects Supervisor: founder of the company and director is involved in all the creative aspects of the company. He has scripted and directed films that have been screened at more than 25 film festivals around the world. He has specialized in Direction and Screenwriting from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Sajit Warrier is a Feature filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience providing media-agnostic content solutions and specializing in developing and executing stories which impact the youth while creating trends. He has provided result-oriented communication for leading brands and businesses, advertising agencies and content marketing firms. Adept in all forms of media, bringing a diverse range of expertise in Films, Original series, Visual Effects, Commercials, Digital and web based content, Broadcast content, Show packaging, Promos and Motion design, He has successfully developed a visual style which is enhanced by his sense of grand story telling.

Working at Film/Tv studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Dubai & Mumbai, and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry like Oscar winning special effects supervisor Volker Engel (For Coronado), He has worked with Music Composer Ramin Djawadi of Iron man Pacific Rim, GOT fame while directing his short film SHOOFLY which was screened at AMPAS, Worked with Artem Studios, London while directing his feature film FIRED. He has also collaborated with Cyrus Oshidar, ex MTV content Head and the Founder of 101India.com, and other accomplished individuals, Imbibing and learning from the best. Professionalism aided with the understanding of Indian psyche has helped him lead a team of 10- 200 collaborators in building his distinctive vision to bring creative solutions to any media related challenges.

Rajni Gadhvi: Design Director/Creative Director: Quality control and everything leading to design is overlooked by her. She has worked on the most distinctive and long-standing identities on television in United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. EMMY nominated designer, she graduated from Academy of Art University, San Francisco majoring in Graphic Design.

Rajni Gadhvi has worked with some of the best global branding firms with clientele reaching across nearly every continent. She thrives on infusing her unique design skills to all her work, which includes work for Feature Film Titling, Network Identities for Television, Art Direction, Print-Publicity, Promos and Show Packaging.

Having worked at:

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA // Troika Design Group, Tag, Blur,

Three Ring Circus.


MUMBAI, INDIA // MTV Networks, Vh1.

Warrier Films continues to move in new directions, coaxing the unexpected out of a project and transforming it into a total experience. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we develop stories of all lengths and for all formats, producing narratives that are dynamic, compelling, and entertaining.

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